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Rental Properties in Metro Manila

Do you own your own house? Or you’re just like others that is renting? Having an own house was one of the necessity of human being. Renting is one of the most common types of house status here in the Philippines. But what are the things that we need to bear in mind in choosing a house, a room or a condominium?
Mostly people here in Metro Manila usually rent instead of buying lots. Owning a house is quite expensive and many of us can’t afford to have our own. That’s why renting become popular and many business people deal with apartment for rent, room for rent and house for rent.
For almost 17 years my Mom and Dad chose to rent a house because the location of the work of my father is not permanent. Many things are being considered in choosing a comfortable rental house starting from the price, structure, location and transportation of a rental house. The price of a house must be affordable and considerable depending also with the agreement between the home owner and the renter. Some offer 2 months advance and 1 month deposit some are 3 months advance and 2 months deposit. On other rental houses they have the agreement letter while some don’t have. Structure is one of the most things to think. Is it safe from floods, earthquakes, and some other natural calamity? Is it made with good materials; the design of the house must be comfortable also with the family especially when you have babies, or children at home.
The location must be safe from bad people like drug addicts, away from mountain of garbage, and it must be located near the school, offices, market and on the main city for you to have more easier way to travel anytime. The more comfortable the location of a house is the higher the rent.
Always bear in mind that safety and comfortableness of the family must be always at first. Rent a house that is suitable with the number of the family members, age. Make your money worth it. Spend it to a place where your dreams is being built rent a house that most describes you as a person.

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