Paying Rent

Why do people pay rent?

Car, house, clothes, place and almost anything that is not perishable can be rented. The question is why people do it? Acording to Tope Ten Reviews, people rent because they hate responsibility, debt, financing and would just prefer more freedom and just short-term period of having a certain thing. People rent because they hate responsibility: Responsibility of maintaining the things they own, like cleaning or buying spare parts for it. Next is the fear of having debts; Sometimes, when a person buys something he does not pay it in full instead it is in installment that is why debt comes into scene. Third reason for renting something is the desire to have more freedom to do other things. For example, instead of cleaning the car during weekends, a person can go out with other people because he is available if he just rents a car for important reasons. The other reason for choosing rent instead of purchase is because of financing. When buying a big-time product, one-time payment is rare and so loan is needed to finish the payment. Last reason is the desire to own something for a short peiod time. People do this because they just need that object for a short peiod of time and do not consider investing some money to actually buy it.
I personally like to buy than to rent because I feel that I have more freedom in using a product that I bought than just borrowing it. I am also a fan of renting but for just small things likes DVD or costume for a certain event because I know that I will not use them for consecutive times. I also want to save money for something that I can own for a long time rather than for a temporary period. I also want to personalize the things that I own that is why I want to buy things rather than renting them.
To end this article, I want to state that renting and buying have their own advantages and disadvantages. Both may save a person’s money and can just waste it. My rule is if I know that I will use it for more than 3 times, I have to buy it not rent.

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