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Renting a place in Metro Manila

Rent, How it is related to the Human’s Life..
Nowadays, the word Rent-to-own became so popular. It is also said in one article that I read that “ Buying now cheaper than Renting “. It simply means that for example, Buying a house is now much cheaper than renting, although this survey comes from UK. It maybe not applicable in the Philippines, we don’t know.
Now, I am also Renting in a small room near my working place here in Makati. For people like me who lives in the province, it’s always better to Rent than to commute from my house in Bulacan to my working place in Makati. Aside from it will take a lot of time of travel, 2 or 3 hours maybe, it’s really stressful and would cost me around P200 every day or around P4000 every month. If I will rent a room, it will only cost me P2500 every month.
By the way, talking about my room, did you know that in the provinces here in the Philippines there are houses where in you can actually rent for almost the same price, P2500 every month? The P2500 every month rent for a room is also applicable to a P2500 every month house for rent in Provinces.
Did you know also that in some provinces here in the Philippines there are some Rent-to-own houses which will cost you as low as P10000 every month? But there are Condominiums here in Makati which is not rent-to-own that will cost you a minimum of P10000 every month also? I think in this situation, I may say that in the Philippines, the saying “ Buying now cheaper than Renting “ maybe applicable also.
My friend bought a rent-to-own house in Bulacan and paying P10000 every month, although it’s a Housing Loan that will took him 20 years before it will consider that it is on his own already but I believe it’s a practical decision instead of renting.
Basically to rent for a short period of time can sometimes suits our budget. But I think to rent a house in your lifetime is not a wise decision since you are paying for a property which is not yours.

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