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Rental business makes good money. Imagine charging your clients for the things that will be returned to you, then you’ll get to do it again and again as long as your unit, equipment, automobile, etc. are in good condition and up and running. You just have to buy them once, they don’t even have to be brand new. Then you can profit from their rental fee repetitively. All you have to worry about is the maintenance.
Houses, cars, resorts, stage set up, lights and sound system, genset products, studios, party needs, costumes, signature bags, and even coffins, are some of the common thing that we can rent out.
Renting something means not having to spend a lot. For those who need something temporarily and those who can’t afford to spend big chunk of money, renting is the answer to their problems.
What’s good about rental business is that, there’s a big market. A little advertisement can start you off. If you give excellent services, then you’ll get free advertisements from satisfied clients through word of mouth. You can have a good relationship with your clients if you know how to handle the business well.
Rental service is a business that’s profitable not only to the supplier, but also to the consumer. It’s a give and take relationship. The supplier, while making money from the business, is also saving the client from buying things for temporary use. In addition to that, the business is also helpful to clients who can only spend so much.
Any good company can easily be out of business if badly managed. You have to take care of your business no matter how small it is. In rentals, maintenance is everything. Never rent out your house, car, etc. if you’re not hundred percent sure about their condition. That’s the quickest way to lose a client. Spend money for repairs, repaint, renovation, regular checks, change parts, cleaning, updating, or whatever it is that needs to be done. Do not compromise your rental services.
In my opinion, a small rental business would be a good thing to start with. It only requires small capital. I might start with my little venture sometime next year.
Yes, every business has risks, but you’ll never know if you never try. Besides, rental business is safer than other business. If all fails, you can just sell the things that you purchased (the price might be lower though) and get some of your money back.
A well-managed rental business with a competitive rate, can increase its clientele in no time. So if you’re trying to open up a business, you might want to consider rents.
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