Paying Rent

Rent over buying a house

Owning a house surely is the dream an individual wants to achieve, a place to play with your family, relax and see the sun rise from the east and set on west. Well, In America, having your own house is much common than here in the Philippines where to rent a house is much fancied by many. What’s so fun in having your own house if what attacks afterwards are more fees to be paid? Mortgages, taxes, maintenance and more work are surely to eat up your dream. So to support the fun in renting here are some reasons for you.
At first, you may feel like you will never be able to afford living fancy, but if you’re going to rent, being less conspicuous about usage of money will help you save more and attain that life you foresight.
Well, if you’re going to rent, you should also consider the benefits of the place and its community. If the place has many amenities like community pools or gyms nearby, then it may add to a better experience for you.
Also, some apartments come with water and heat that’s less to your bills. And less bills to pay is money added to that saving of yours. Adding to that relaxing life is the fact that in a rent, less work is needed. You just have to focus with your own space and that’s it.
Also if you want to rent or move to another location, then it is much easier than moving from your own house to another. There are less paperwork and less procedure.
When there’s problem within the place you rented, there’s always the landlord to the rescue! Unlike with your own house, maintenance is the proper way to deal with repairs.
Next, If you’re going to have to rent, It’s tax-free and no mortgages, how good is that right? It is friendly for those financially struggling and friendly to everyone’s pocket unlike owning a home.
Well, owning a home and renting are two different things but both goes down to where you’re going to live. So in choosing between the two, it is better to think twice of what you need before releasing your final verdict.

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